Azealia Banks – “Chega De Saudade”

If you look at our tag for Azealia Banks you’ll see as many social media attacks and blunders as songs, videos, and things that actually pertain to music. Since dropping Slay-Z a few months ago (which is really good in spots), she’s received a lesson in feminism and etiquette from Sarah Palin on Facebook, made an amulet out of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s beard trimmings, was dropped from a London festival and most recently suspended from Twitter for unsavory tweets about Zayn Malik. Just keeping up with the nonsense is exhausting, but constantly creating controversy has to be even more draining, and it detracts from the fact that she is actually talented.

Proof positive is this gorgeous cover of João Gilberto’s bossa nova classic “Chega De Saudade.” The song is believed to be the first bossa nova song ever recorded, and Banks does that lofty history justice, singing beautifully in Portuguese but still delivering all of the attitude and brazenness of her rapping. This is truly an incredibly moving snapshot of a softer, more delicate side of Banks that hopefully sees the light of day more often. Listen.

Hear João Gilberto’s original version as well: