Twitter CEO Allegedly Broke Promise To Promote Azealia Banks’ Mixtape Even After She Made Him An Amulet With His Beard Trimmings

Last March, Azealia Banks tweeted out an advertisement for Square Cash, Square’s Venmo-esque service for sending and receiving money:

Now, over a year later, as Re/code reports, Banks is claiming that in exchange for promoting the service, Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promised to promote her new mixtape Slay-Z. Dorsey allegedly broke that promise, and Azealia Banks is not happy about it. Banks also claims that Dorsey sent her some of his hair in an envelope so that she could “make him an amulet for protection”:

It’s unclear if Banks ever completed and sent the protection amulet to Dorsey. When asked whether Dorsey had sent hair clippings or made a deal with Banks, a representative for Square sent Re/code the following GIF:


A spokesman for Twitter also responded with a GIF: