Crystal Castles Tease New Album Release In August

The Alice Glass-less iteration of Crystal Castles have been dropping tracks and playing shows with new member Edith Frances over the past year, and it looks like they may finally be getting ready to release an album. (It’ll technically be the group’s fourth, but first without Glass.)

A new short teaser dubbed “Femen” has popped up (via Reddit), and it features what sounds like it could be an intro song of some sort over some unsettling footage of birds trapped in mist nets (which the video’s description handily links away to the Wikipedia page for). At the end of the clip, the word August flashes across the screen, which more than likely means that’s when the album will be out.

A few weeks back, an Amazon listing that since been taken down indicated that the new album is called Amnesty and is coming out 8/19. Just yesterday, a new song called “Concrete” was posted on a Korean-language digital retailer, so suffice to say that things are happening! Watch the video below.