Check Out The Cypress Hill 25th Anniversary CD That Comes Inside A Resin Skull

The Flaming Lips have released music in gummy skulls, chocolate skulls, and real skulls, and now Cypress Hill are taking a page out of the Wayne Coyne playbook by packaging a 25th anniversary edition of their 1991 debut inside a black resin skull. Limited to 1991 copies, as Rolling Stone reports, the “25th Anniversary Skull” is a black resin sculpture of the hip-hop group’s skull logo with a cap that can be peeled back to reveal a remastered CD version of the album.

The set is the brainchild of Boston label Get On Down Records, who have previously reiussed GZA’s Liquid Swords with a chess set and the Fat Boys’ debut in a pizza box, and they’ve been perfecting the protoype for years. “The first couple versions, the top was crappy and loose,” says Get on Down co-founder Papa D. “We had an incense burner built into it — you could put incense in it and the smoke would come out the eyes. Pretty cool, but we were afraid it was gonna damage the CD. We also didn’t know, ‘Is this thing gonna catch on fire at some point?’ We’re getting the things made in China, so there’s always some communication issues. On the inside of the skull, when it opens, there’s a logo and for whatever reason we couldn’t get them to put it the right way for like three tries. They just kept putting it upside-down.”

So…it might come upside down. But Cypress Hill’s B-Real remains optimistic: “I saw the first round of it and it looked incredible, man. If there’s Cypress fans out there that got, like, a Cypress Hill trophy case, keep it with all the memorabilia.”

The skull also comes with a 100-plus-page book featuring interviews with the group and archival photos, and it’ll be available for preorder starting 8/13 on

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