Flaming Lips Release Gummy Skulls, Panda Bear Gets A Skateboard

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne personally delivered a handful of life-sized gummi skulls to Oklahoma Record store Guestroom Records at exactly 4:20 pm yesterday (if you want things to get delivered at exactly 4:20 pm on 4/20, you’ve got to do it yourself). The skulls each contained a USB drive with four new Flaming Lips songs, which you can hear below.

“Drug Chart”

“In Our Bodies, In Our Heads”

“Walk With Me”

“Hilary’s Time Machine Machine”

(via SKOA)

Panda Bear’s Tomboy-decorated skateboards may not be as rare, but they will also be a limited-edition thing. According to Pitchork, the boards from skate company Alien Workshop will be out “sometime soon.” Check them out:

Panda Bear Board

That deck would look really nice with your Panda Bear t-shirt.