The “Famous” Saga Continues: Kim Kardashian Leaks Kanye West & Taylor Swift Phone Call, Swift Accuses Them Of Character Assassination

The ongoing “Famous” saga adds yet another chapter. For some reason Kim Kardashian is hell bent on “protecting her husband” against Taylor Swift. She’s been saying for weeks that Swift knew about the “Famous” lyric heard round the world and completely signed off on it before Kanye West put out the song, and accused Swift of “playing the victim.” Kardashian has been talking about recorded conversations and videos that prove what she alleges is true. She finally leaked the videos via her Snapchat last night.

In the video (hey there Rick Rubin!) it seems West only read the line that goes, “For all my South Side niggas that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,” but he didn’t actually play the song for her or mention the part where he referred to her as “that bitch” in the following line. Swift was fine with the line West read to hear, but she didn’t take kindly to being called “that bitch.” She responded with the statement below on Twitter:

Hopefully this is the end of it, but probably not.

UPDATE: Apparently Swift threatened West with criminal prosecution for recording the phone call.