TMZ: Taylor Swift Threatened Kanye West With Criminal Prosecution For Recording Phone Call

2016’s biggest and messiest celebrity drama gets even deeper. After last night’s Snapchat heard ’round the world, TMZ has obtained a letter from Taylor Swift’s lawyer from back in February that threatens Kanye West with criminal prosecution for recording a phone call without her consent, and demands that the recordings be deleted. Laws regarding recording phone conversations vary from state-to-state. It’s unclear where Swift was located at the time — in the leaked clip, she says she was on vacation with her family — but West and Kim Kardashian were in a Los Angeles-based studio and, as Vulture points out, California requires both parties to consent to recording.

So it’s possible this is a battle that could end up in court and not just hashed out over Twitter. Exciting, right? All of this has been orchestrated for the public’s maximum enjoyment.

UPDATE: TMZ now reports that Swift hasn’t yet decided whether to take legal action. She “is trying to think through the consequences of filing a police report.”

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports that because Swift knew others were listening in on the conversation (Rick Rubin speaks up several times, for example) she had no expectation of confidentiality, and so Kimye did not commit a crime.