J Mascis – “Waltz #2″ (Elliott Smith Cover)

The late Elliott Smith is one of the most universally beloved songwriters in the history of indie rock, and many of his admirers have contributed songs to the forthcoming tribute compilation Say Yes! We’ve already posted Julien Baker’s version of “Ballad Of Big Nothing” and Yuck’s take on “Bled White,” and the comp also features contributions from people like Waxahatchee, Amanda Palmer, and Sun Kil Moon and Jesu together. Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis was writing wistful, heartbroken songs long before Smith was, but he’s a fan, too, and he’s got a song on Say Yes!, as does his Dino Jr. bandmate Lou Barlow. Using his trademark craggy, fuzzed-out style, Mascis has taken on the XO classic “Waltz #2,” turning it from a stately self-flagellation ballad into something more ragged and bruising. Hear the Mascis version of the song (via Pitchfork), as well as the original, below.

Say Yes!: A Tribute to Elliott Smith is out 10/14 via American Laundromat.