Justin Bieber Is The New Mr. Cool Disguise

First Charlie Sheen was Mr. Cool Disguise. Then, Spencer Pratt was Mr. Cool Disguise. Then, Mel Gibson was Mr. Cool Disguise. Then, Alec Baldwin was Mr. Cool Disguise. Now, the title of Mr. Cool Disguise goes to Justin Bieber! It’s always such a pleasure to crown a new Mr. Cool Disguise, and I feel especially honored to do so on Stereogum now that Videogum is long-since passed (RIP). Bieber walked around Amsterdam in a cute lil’ black mustache, sunglasses, and a terrible wig today, and a bunch of people filmed him doing it. You’re not fooling anyone, Mr. Cool Disguise! Check out footage of Bieber’s cool disguise below.

"Does this look real" 😂

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