Alec Baldwin Is The New Mr. Cool Disguise!

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the Mssrs. Cool Disguise these days! Everyone wants to get in on the act. Alec Baldwin, of course, is trying to avoid the PAPS (I call them “paps” now. Follow Harvey Levin on Twitter) after his violent run in with a photographer earlier this week. Alec Baldwin seems cool, right guys? Pretty cool dude. Most of the stories you hear about him you’re just like, oh awesome, and it makes you want to hear all the stories we don’t even get to know about! They’re fun, I’m sure. And now check him out: so sly. “Put a towel on it.” Have you noticed that not a single Mr. Cool Disguise’s disguise has ever stopped photographers from taking their picture? They just end up having their picture taken in their dumb disguise. Plan b? Anybody want to work on a plan b? Mel? Charlie? No? Just cool disguises all day. (Via Gothamist.)