Lea Porcelain – “Warsaw Street” Video

Berlin/London post-punk duo Lea Porcelain ideally illustrate falling in love at a Berlin club with the video for their newest track “Warsaw Street.” Band members Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus make a cameo appearance as the band headlining the strobe-lit club. A grumbling bassline rolls through the track battling Nikolaus’s hollow, commandeering vocals. The two protagonists of the video meet and instantly seem to understand each other. An intimate and cinematic affair ensues. For a short period of time these two strangers, like magnets immediately charged with attraction, find solace in their proximity and thrill in the moment’s temporality (“knowing it won’t last”). Lea Porcelain gave us an in-depth explanation of their creative intentions:

Two People find themselves a common soul in a solitary state. At the end of an era of their own lives, they feel a new coming of age, a change, a transformation, something unknown. Everything they get to know from here on is unknown to all of those they’ve known so far. That is why they find common ground in a stranger who is likely to have the same troubling thoughts of one’s own mind developing. This gap in between a life changing experience has a gate that is open for only a short amount of time.

To come closer to someone you hardly know and by approaching find out a great amount of similarities and find yourself in there somewhere and then disappear again on each other but not without making a change, rattle someone’s soul and leave a trace or sign of love within their hearts forever. It is not sexual, though it can be. It is not friendship, though most of it is. It’s a simple creation of their own language, spoken mostly with the body but words. Listening to the language that surrounds both.

Watch below.

Lea Porcelain released their self-titled EP this past May. “Warsaw Street” is the first single from their upcoming debut full-length.