Watch Gucci Mane & Zaytoven’s Tiny Desk Concert

During NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts video series, artists cram into small spaces at NPR’s Washington, DC headquarters and knock out their songs. Most of the people who do those shows are the sort of rootsy indie artists that many of us still associate with the public-radio empire. But the most recent edition is a fascinating one: Atlanta rap hero Gucci Mane, in the midst of his everending victory lap, doing a session with his longtime producer Zaytoven. In the video, we see Gucci rapping his mixtape classic “First Day Out,” as well as is more recent songs “Waybach” and “Last Time.” And while Gucci raps over his own records, Zaytoven plays these incredible, crystalline piano vamps. It’s a fun-as-hell video, and you can watch it below.

Gucci’s next album The Return Of East Atlanta Santa is out 12/16 on Atlantic. Gucci’s half-embarrassed smile after the “they call me Gucci Mane Picasso cuz I painted they face” line is my favorite thing.