Gucci Mane – “Last Time” Video (Feat. Travis Scott & Harmony Korine)

Last month, the extremely busy Gucci Mane released Woptober, his second proper album of the years. Its first single was “Last Time,” a banger with Travis Scott on the hook. It was pretty good. It has now been elevated to great, thanks to its new video. The “Last Time” video features Harmony Korine, the auteur who directed Gucci in Spring Breakers and in this Supreme ad. (Next year, they’ll team up again for The Trap, a new movie that’ll also star Al Pacino, Benicio Del Toro, and Robert Pattinson.) In the video, Korine dances and lip-syncs Gucci’s lyrics, which is more fun to watch than it probably should be. The clip also features Scott, falling snow, flaming torches, night-vision, wolves, and — in what might be a Repo Man homage — a car that glows and levitates. Seriously, it fucking rules. Watch it below.

Woptober is out now on Atlantic. Gucci’s next album The Return Of East Atlanta Santa is out 12/16.