Parquet Courts – “Captive Of The Sun (Remix)” (Feat. Bun B)

Parquet Courts – “Captive Of The Sun (Remix)” (Feat. Bun B)

The members of the New York postpunk band Parquet Courts grew up in Texas, and they love the shit out of Texas rap. Last year, they got to actually do something with that love, when they performed a new version of “Captive Of The Sun,” a song from their great Human Performance album, on Colbert. For that version, they teamed up with Bun B, a Port Arthur rap legend and one half of the foundational duo UGK. They sounded shockingly great together. Late last year, the band announced plans to release a studio version of the collaboration on a 12″ single, along with a Chopped Not Slopped remix from Texas DJ OG Ron C. That version is out now, and you can check out a lyric video for it below. It sounds awesome.

The “Captive Of The Sun” 12″ is out now on Rough Trade.

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