Watch Jimmy Kimmel Introduce Lady Antebellum/Bell Biv DeVoe Mash-Up Monday Supergroup

Every once in a while, Jimmy Kimmel Live brings back its goofy-as-fuck Mash-Up Monday series, in which artists perform together simply because someone thought of a way to turn their names into a pun. In the past, that’s led to musical revelations like Color Me Bradd and Panic! At The Sisqo. And last night, Kimmel brought it back again, fusing lite-country trio Lady Antebellum with early-’90s R&B kings Bell Biv DeVoe, calling the resulting supergroup Lady AnteBell Biv DeVoe. Naturally, they sang BBD’s 1990 megahit “Poison” together, adding a bit of the Lady A song “Need You Now” in a way that made no musical sense at all. The members of Lady A wore airbrushed denim jackets, and one of them had a keytar. It was all one gigantic mess, and everyone involved seemed to have fun. Nobody commented on the weirdness of a country group, named after the slavery era, playing with a group of black R&B singers. Watch it below.

In the coming weeks, we’ll get OK Go-Go’s and Ice-T.I., so mentally prepare yourself.