Watch Brad Paisley & Color Me Badd Join Forces As Color Me Bradd On Kimmel

It is, admittedly, a funny idea: Country superstar Brad Paisley and early-’90s R&B boy band Color Me Badd coming together so that something called Color Me Bradd could exist, at least for one night. And last night, it came into existence; as previously reported, Jimmy Kimmel used the team to open another month of his pun-centric “Mash Up Monday” musical performances. Paisley joined the group to sing their massive 1991 loverman anthem “I Wanna Sex You Up.” But some things are more fun to think about than to hear, and maybe you won’t be surprised to learn that smooth, gliding new jack swing and MOR-country guitar-noodling do not make a good combination. Everyone involved gets credit for being game enough to do it, but this performance is pretty much a flaming tire fire. Watch it for yourself below.

Most redeeming part of this entire enterprise: Imagining Paisley singing this to his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Steve Martin’s daughter from the Father Of The Bride movies.