Watch Father John Misty Join Opener Tim Heidecker On The Simon & Garfunkel Parody “I Am A Cuck”

Last night, in San Diego, Father John Misty played the first show in his nearly-endless tour behind the great new album Pure Comedy. The notorious comedy absurdist Tim Heidecker is opening the first shows. FJM is a fan of Heidecker; he covered Heidecker’s song “Trump’s Private Pilot” last year. And at last night’s show, FJM joined Heidecker onstage during his opening set. Last year, during the terrifying rise of the alt-right, Heidecker released “I Am A Cuck,” a note-perfect parody of Simon & Garfunkel’s “I Am A Rock” that shoehorns in all the alt-right’s favorite catchphrases. And that’s the song that Heidecker and FJM sang last night. You will not be surprised to learn that Father John Misty makes a very convincing Art Garfunkel. Watch a fan-made video of the performance below.

Pure Comedy is out now on Sub Pop, and it would be pretty amazing if something like this happened at every show.