Elder – “Staving Off Truth”

I already penned a lengthy appreciation of Elder’s upcoming fourth LP, Reflections Of A Floating World, when we premiered its lead single, “The Falling Veil,” a couple weeks ago — so I’ll keep this one short. Reflections is one of my favorite albums of 2017 so far, and I’m reasonably confident it won’t slip much between now and December. It kicks ass from start to finish while also being virtuosic and, honestly, pretty fucking out-there. Elder are a great band, and this is their best album. (That’s no faint praise, considering how I felt about their last one, 2015’s Lore.)

Now we’ve got the album’s second single, “Staving Off Truth,” and I’ll be straight with you: This might be my favorite song on the whole thing. That is also no faint praise. This was the track that jumped out at me hardest on first listen, and it spans just about the entire spectrum of Elder’s vast sound. It is so goddamn good. But don’t take my word for it. Listen.

Reflections Of A Floating World is out 6/2 and you can pre-order it here.

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