Ghostemane & Clams Casino – “Kali Yuga”

Last week, the people at Adult Swim unveiled this year’s Adult Swim Singles series, which will go for all 52 weeks this year; it’s not just happening during the summer. They also shared the first single, from Atlanta producer Zaytoven. This week, perhaps just to stunt, they’re following it up with two new singles. To my ears, the more intriguing of the two is “Kali Yuga.” The track pairs the great atmospheric producer Clams Casino with LA-based rapper Ghostemane, an enigmatic figure who seems to be in love with late-’90s metal aesthetics. I don’t know that I’ll spend much time checking for Ghostemane from here on out, but he sounds cool on a Clams beat. Anyone, come to think of it, would probably sound good on a Clams beat. Check it out below.

The week’s other new single is “Time Stops,” a giddy, PC Music-esque pop banger from Arizona producer Mija. Here’s that:

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