Strange Relations – “Say You”

Strange Relations – “Say You”

Last year, Strange Relations released their dreamy Going Out EP, which was my introduction to the Minneapolis group, though they released a full-length, -Centrism, back in 2015 and have been around a couple years before even that. Today, the band has announced their sophomore album, Editorial You, with the intoxicating lead single “Say You,” a sleek and sharp song about learning how to defend yourself. It dances along pop’s jagged edge, but its yelps and squiggles are more in line with Warpaint or Braids. Listen to it below.

01 “Evidence”
02 “Say You”
03 “LIN”
04 “Orbit”
05 “NBE”
06 “Flight Instinct”
07 “Sure”
08 “Ignore Me”
09 “Spit”
10 “Long Haul”

Editorial You is out 9/8 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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