Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Ring-A-Ring O’ Roses” Video

Next month, the French singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg will release Rest, her first album in seven years; she recorded the whole thing with the French dance producer SebastiAn. We’ve already posted her videos for the early singles “Rest” and “Deadly Valentine,” and now Gainsbourg has also shared the album’s opening track “Ring-A-Ring O’ Roses.” It’s a slow-blooming, cinematic synthpop track that Gainsbourg co-wrote with Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo. Gainsbourg also directed a video for the song, which stars her 20-year-old son Ben Attal in a series of romantic moments. Maybe it’s weird to have your mom filming you making out with someone, but these are Gainsbourgs we’re talking about here. The video is an Apple Music exclusive, but you can hear the track and watch a preview for the video below.

If you’re signed into Apple Music, you can watch the full video here. Rest is out 11/17 on Because Music.