Protomartyr – “Don’t Go To Anacita” Video

Protomartyr put out their very good new album Relatives In Descent last month, and now the Detroit post-punkers are back with a video for advance “Don’t Go To Anacita.” Inspired by Polish filmmaker Zbigniew Rybzynski’s “Stairway To Lenin” and R.E.M.’s “Imitation Of Life” video, director Yoonha Park matches Joe Casey’s wordy, hyper-literate musings with an endless live-action classically composed painting scrolling across the screen. “I wanted to make a visual that recreated the feeling of scanning over a large, densely populated image, like a Breughel painting or Where’s Waldo?,” Park says. “I wanted to convey a feeling of false progress and the idea that every new horror that meets us is part of a never-ending continuum. Joe Casey’s lyrics are chock full of references both contemporary and classical, often in the same song. It creates a really unique visual field that conveys the exact flavor of dread I find myself feeling a lot lately.” Watch below.

Relatives In Descent is out now via Domino. Read our in-depth feature on the band.