Watch Mitski Star In Emily Yoshida’s Short Film “Sitting”

“Sitting” is a new short film starring Mitski, written and directed by Vulture movie critic Emily Yoshida. If you’re at all familiar with either woman’s work, this is exciting news. Breakthrough albums Bury Me At Makeout Creek and Puberty 2 marked Mitski as one of the most uniquely talented creative artists working right now. Meanwhile Yoshida is one of today’s most thoughtful and compelling film and TV critics; you absolutely have to read her old Black Mirror essays on Grantland. (Full disclosure: I wrote a few assignments for Yoshida when she was an editor at The Verge.) So it’s fascinating to consider the possibilities of her going behind the camera. And now you can watch some of them unfold for seven minutes online.

In the film, “A down-and-out young woman takes a job delivering an unusual drug to high profile clients, sitting with them while they have life-altering experiences.” It also features a music video of sorts for Mitski’s “Thursday Girl.” Watch below.

Read our recent interview with Mitski here. Hopefully she’ll have a new album out by the time she’s opening for Lorde on tour next year.