Watch Jennifer Lawrence Ask Kim Kardashian West Invasive Questions About Kanye West

Jimmy Kimmel has taken the week off of his talk show, and he’s let a parade of celebrities guest-host for him, which has been fun. On Halloween, Dave Grohl dressed up like present-day David Letterman and performed a Frozen/Metallica mash-up with Kristen Bell. Last night, the guest host was Jennifer Lawrence, who, even after Passengers and mother!, is one of our last real movie stars left. Lawrence loves talking about how much she loves Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and her lead guest, fortuitously enough, was Kim Kardashian West. This was a fun version of a typical late-night interview, with Lawrence gushing a lot and talking about getting falling-down drunk with Kris Jenner. She also asked things about Kanye West. For instance: “Do you and Kanye, like, fart in front of each other?” Also: “What is the weirdest thing Kanye does?” Also: “Has Kanye ever written songs about you that we don’t know about?” And when Kim told a story about a boyfriend cheating on her, she asked if Kim married him. Watch it all happen below.

There is a larger-than-0% chance that this whole thing was really Ariana Grande’s Jennifer Lawrence impression and nobody noticed.