Justin Vernon On Bruno Mars’ Grammy Win: “You Absolutely Have To Be Shitting Me”

In 2012, four years after their debut album had come out, Bon Iver won the Grammy for Best New Artist. But Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon had a conflicted relationship with the show even then. Bon Iver declined to perform on that year’s show, with Vernon saying, “We wanted to play our music, but were told that we couldn’t play. We had to do a collaboration with someone else… I don’t think they wanted us to play.” (Sounds familiar!) And this morning, Vernon has reacted to last night’s travesties with the same annoyed disbelief that many of us are feeling.

Here’s what Vernon tweeted about Bruno Mars’ dumbfounding Album Of The Year win:

And he also tweeted a few more things about how the Grammys simply don’t matter in the bigger picture of music in general:

And he took Recording Academy president Neil Portnow to task on the “shitty coach language” in his comment that women need to “step up” if they want to win Grammys:

UPDATE: Vernon has jumped back on Twitter to add that he’s “with Lorde” and that Grammys showrunner Ken Ehrlich is a “dick producer”:

Stars: They’re just like us!

UPDATE 2: Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold has weighed in too, writing, “Aside from Kendrick / SZA / Jay Z nothing that was nominated was very good in my opinion, but to give it all to Toys R Us Gap Band is pretty ridic.”