Smashing Pumpkins Recording Reunion Album Produced By Rick Rubin

Earlier this month, Billy Corgan teased a Smashing Pumpkins reunion by posting an in-studio picture of himself hanging out with founding members James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin, fueling the long-swirling rumors that the group would be getting back together. Over the past couple days, Corgan has been posting more photos from inside the studio and, as Consequence Of Sound points out, he let slip that Rick Rubin is producing the band’s reunion album.

In a rambling Instagram post in response to rumors of a recent health scare, Corgan says that the group are currently recording with Rubin. “…I share a window (curated as it is) into my crazy life. As an example, we are currently in the studio with Rick Rubin. But unless I show you a picture of Rick sitting Buddha-like at a mixing desk, you probably wouldn’t know that,” Corgan wrote.

Rubin previously worked with Corgan on last year’s William Patrick Corgan album Ogilala, and Rubin worked with the band during the 1997 Adore era on “Let Me Give The World To You.”

Check out some photos from their recent studio time below.

A studio still life #art!

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New studio – same rock power.

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