Jimmy Chamberlin Hints At Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour

For years now, there’s been a distant rumble of a rumor that the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup might one day reuinte. Billy Corgan did not part ways well with his old bandmates, but drummer Jimmy Chamberlin rejoined the band in 2015, and guitarist James Iha played with them onstage last year. Meanwhile, Corgan says that he reconciled with reclusive former bassist D’Arcy Wretzky last year, and Corgan has admitted that there’s “a willingness” for them to get back together. And now Chamberlin is hinting that there could be an original-lineup Smashing Pumpkins reunion as early as next year.

As Alternative Nation points out, Chamberlin recently did an interview with WGN Radio. And here’s something that he said about touring plans: “We were talking about playing next year with the band and somebody asked me, you know, ‘What’s it like to coordinate that?’ I said, ‘It’s like Grumpy Old Men 3, only there’s three grumpy old men and one’s a woman.’ That’s how it has gotten to be.”

That one woman, of course, could be anyone. It could be Paz Lenchantin! It could be Melissa Auf Der Maur! It could be your mom! But if Chamberlin is being cagey about it like that, it seems like there’s a good chance that it’s Wretzky.

Chamberlin also says that he’d like to do some recording with the Smashing Pumpkins: “Do I potentially record some more music? Hell yeah, it’s super fun. When Billy and I get together, amazing things happen.”