BlocBoy JB – “Look Alive” (Feat. Drake) Video

Drake currently has the #1 song in the country, and these days, he’s out here handing out oversized novelty checks and buying groceries for strangers. And in another act of self-interested generosity, he’s now popped up on “Look Alive,” the new single from the buzzy young Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB. It’s a good fit! “Look Alive” is a catchier, more fun song than either of Drake’s recent solo singles, and Drake’s charisma on the track seems more casual and unforced than it has been lately. As Miss Info points out, BlocBoy JB has made his name with singles like “Shoot” and “Rover” and with the viral dance crazes that go along with those songs. In the “Look Alive” video, BlocBoy dances hard, and Drake what he does to catch up. Check it out below.

“Look Alive” is out now at iTunes.

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