J.Rocc Shares J Dilla x Michael Jackson Mashup Project

J Dilla passed away in 2006, and Michael Jackson passed away three years later. Today, the veteran turntable master J.Rocc has found a fascinating way of paying tribute to the two of them. On the new Bandcamp release, J.Rocc puts the vocals of old Michael Jackson vocals over old Dilla beats, a surprisingly seamless combination that casts the work of both artists in a bold new light. The album is called Share My Bed, and on his Bandcamp page, J.Rocc writes that Dilla always intended to make an album of that name. It was going to have Dilla singing rather than rapping, and the cover was going to be Dilla posing like Jackson on the cover of Thriller. Stream Share My Bed below.

You can pay what you want for Share My Bed at Bandcamp.