Eels – “Today Is The Day” Video

In recent years, Mark Oliver Everett, the man behind the long-running studio-pop project Eels, has been playing a small supporting role as a rocker dad on the intensely watchable Netflix show Love. He’s good on the show, but he’s better at making music, and now he’s back to that.

The new Eels album The Deconstruction is coming out this spring, and Everett has just shared a video for “Today Is The Day,” which, along with the title track, is one of the two songs from the album that Everett has already shared. Director Gus Black’s video stars Mike Mitchell, another supporting player from Love.

In the clip, an extremely jovial Mitchell dances his way down a suburban street, carrying a bouquet of flowers and lip-syncing to the power-pop jam. Check it out below, via NME.

The Deconstruction is out 4/6.