A Not-Drunk Este Haim Was The Best Thing About The BRIT Awards

On last night’s BRIT Awards, Kendrick Lamar gave a surprise performance where he destroyed a Lamborghini onstage, and he still didn’t manage to leave as much of an impression as Este Haim, the oldest of the three sisters in the band HAIM, managed in a few scant second of camera time. While BRITs host Jack Whitehall awkwardly interviewed UK pop stars Liam Payne (formerly of One Direction) and Cheryl Cole (formerly of Girls Aloud), a seemingly very drunk Este Haim made exaggerated come-hither faces at the camera and effectively stole the entire night.

Este has since jumped on Twitter to insist that she was not, in fact, drunk:

And this morning, the Haim sisters were on BBC Radio 1, where Este left Cole a voicemail message to assure her that “there’s no beef” and to invite her to a HAIM show, all while her sisters were cackling wildly next to her:

Take this as a clear sign that Este Haim should be put on camera at every award show from here on out.