Guerilla Toss – “Spider Heard”

Guerilla Toss released one of last year’s best albums, GT Ultra, and they’re back in the studio working on another full-length that’s due out later this year. But before that, they’re sharing a leftover from the GT Ultra sessions, a song that was cut from it for runtime purposes. And “Spider Heard” definitely sounds like it would belong on that album, given that it’s also excellent.

The song starts with a full minute of boogieing wriggle before Kassie Carlson’s voice comes in to take it to the next level, her muttered incantations the fuel for the track to take off into a kaleidoscopic reverie. Her imagery is fantastical and evocative, even if it’s hard to see how all the pieces fit together: “At the traffic light was a figurine/ Rough around the edge, solid evergreen/ Leaning to the side/ Holding up an arc/ Facing straight ahead, blank without a spark.” Halfway through, as most Guerilla Toss tracks, it abruptly and thrillingly shape shifts into something else: a staticky voice interrupts, from beyond, and Carlson matches that by another ramp up in energy that carries through to the end.

Listen below.

And here’s a new video for GT Ultra’s “Dose Rate”:

GT Ultra is out now via DFA. Revisit our Guerilla Toss interview from last year.