Jack White – “Over And Over And Over”

Jack White opens his new single “Over And Over And Over” with a full-on Ric Flair whooo!, just like Refused once did on “New Noise.” This is a good sign, and it’s all the indication you might need that “Over And Over And Over” is a motherfucker of a song.

White’s got a new solo album called Boarding House Reach coming out later this month. It’s his first since 2014’s Lazaretto, and four years between albums is a long stretch for White. We’ve already posted two early singles, “Connected By Love” and “Corporation.” “Over And Over And Over” is the best of the three by far.

I’m only a tiny bit sad to report that “Over And Over And Over” has nothing to do with Nelly and Tim McGraw’s “Over And Over.” Instead, it’s a big stomping-and-snorting riff-rocker, and it’s got a whole lot of speed and urgency working for it. White throws in all these weird production touches, like operatic backing vocals and a bongo break. But the whole point of the song is in that grand, crashing riff, which is a whole lot bigger and harder than what we’ve come to expect from our guitar-rocking festival headliners in recent years. Check it out below.

Boarding House Reach is out 3/23 on Third Man Records/Columbia.

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