Stream Valee GOOD Job, You Found Me EP

If Kanye West is listed as the “executive producer” of something, does that actually mean anything? Probably not! West was, after all, an executive producer on Tyga’s The King Album: 18th Dynasty in 2015, and that thing was a total catastrophe. But when West’s name appears on something that’s actually cool — especially at this late date, when West has been in relative seclusion for more than a year — it’s pretty exciting. And it’s also pretty exciting that the Chicago rapper Valee now has the G.O.O.D. Music machine working for him.

Valee has been building his name and honing his style on Chicago’s rap underground for a couple of years, and his sound belongs entirely to him. He’s an idiosyncratic rapper with a knack for strange, counterintuitive word choices and an insistent, high-pitched voice. He tends to prefer songs that are two minutes or less, and he likes minimal, hypnotic beats. He’s not a part of Chicago’s drill scene or of its positive-attitude after-school-freestyle wing. He’s an original.

Last month, Pusha T announced that Valee was now a part of G.O.O.D. Music when he showed up on a remix of Valee’s song “Miami.” That remix is on Valee’s new EP, which has the sort of funny title GOOD Job, You Found Me. Pusha’s the only guest on the EP, which jams six songs into 14 minutes. It’s a good introduction to Valee’s style, and you can stream it below.

GOOD Job, You Found Me is out now on G.O.O.D. Music.

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