Coping Skills – “I’d Rather Not (Yeah)” Video

Back in 2016, the Philadelphia band Coping Skills released their debut album, Relatable Web Content. It’s a wry and sharp collection of tracks, filled with odes to Ben Gibbard and songs about mounting college debt. Today they’ve announced their sophomore album, the cheekily-titled Worst New Music, and the video for its lead single highlights the creative partnership between Rachel Dispenza and Lauren DeLucca that serves as the heart of the band. It shows them as mirror images of one another, presented side-by-side in separate frames — they wake up for work, get fired from work, storm home from work, and only finally unite when they’re playing a show.

“The video is an incredibly on-the-nose representation of art imitating life,” Dispenza explained to Autostraddle. “We replicated the real narrative of the two of us trudging through our independent but parallel lives, finding the experience wholly unsatisfying until the moment where our worlds meet and we finally get to do what we want: play music together.”

Their new track is about feeling disaffected but trying anyway. They want to do what they love — which, sometimes, involves doing absolutely nothing — but are forced into the real world in order to pay the bills. “I just wanna stay home and play my songs with my friends,” they sing, and the other chimes in: “That’s me!” Their melodies seesaw between the two of them, their ooo’s and yeahs gradually turning into screams as the song rolls to its conclusion.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Bagel Fruit Water”
02 “I’d Rather Not (Yeah)”
03 “User Error”
04 “Simmering”
05 “$5″
06 “Baptism”
07 “Soft Chokey”
08 “Have You Encountered The Softboy?”
09 “Dozing Driver Hits Pole”
10 “Man, It’s A Hot One”
11 “Threnody”
12 “This Is A GD B Of An Unsatisfactory Situation”

Worst New Music is out 4/13 via City Wide Records. Pre-order it here.