The Amazing – “Rewind” Video

The Amazing have been moving at a pretty good clip in recent years: In early 2015, they gave us Picture You, and the beautiful and bleary Ambulance followed within a year and a half. Now, just about a year and half since that outing, the spaced-out Swedish quintet appeared to be gearing up for something once more. Last month, they released a new song — the dreamy, gorgeously languid epic “Pull” — and promised there’d be “more to come.” And, sure enough, they’ve now delivered on that promise. In just under a month, the Amazing will release a new album called In Transit.

Self-produced and recorded in Stockholm, In Transit finds the Amazing continuing to cultivate the specific greyscale atmosphere they’ve perfected on recent recordings. Along with the announcement, the group has also shared another new single called “Rewind,” one of the album’s centerpieces. Built on the band’s key characteristics — the shadowy yet propulsive drums, the flickering and intersecting tendrils of guitar, Christoffer Gunrup’s melancholic yet comfortingly cooing vocals — “Rewind” is a welcome return to the hazy, meditative world of the Amazing.

The new track is also accompanied by a video directed by Jordan Martin. It’s a simple and pretty clip, featuring a sheet and a silver balloon *ahem* in transit as they get blown across various landscapes. Just like the album’s blurred cover, they’re visuals that go well with the Amazing’s music: abstract, elusive, but subtly moving. Check it out below.


01 “Pull”
02 “Voices Sound”
03 “A Million Days”
04 “First Touch Of Light”
05 “Rewind”
06 “Never Be”
07 “Benson Se Convirtio Completamente Furiosa”
08 “For No One”
09 “Leave Us A Light”
10 “Asleep”
11 “Je Travaille Dans Ia Banque”

In Transit is out 4/6 via Partisan. Pre-order it here.