Roc Marciano – “The Sauce/Corniche” (Feat. Action Bronson) Video

Late last month, Roc Marciano, the Long Island rap veteran who has made a career of turning old-school New York rap into tense and woozy atmospheric music, released a new album called RR2: The Bitter Dose. Right now, the album isn’t streaming anywhere, and it’s only available by paying $30 directly to the man himself. (I think it’s worth the money.) Up until now, none of the music has been online in any legitimate way. But now Roc Marci has shared a self-directed video that strings together two of the album’s tracks, “The Sauce” and “Corniche.” The latter track features Action Bronson, one of the album’s only guests. The video is grainy and low-budget, but it offers some idea of what you’ll be paying for. Check it out below.

RR2: The Bitter Dose is available now at Roc Marciano’s website.