YG – “Suu Whoop” Video

Last month, YG, one of the greatest rappers currently working, came out with the unbelievably hard throwback gang-life anthem “Suu Whoop.” Today, he’s got a new video for that song. The “Suu Whoop” clip looks exactly the way it should, which is to say that it looks like something you’d catch on Rap City Countdown in 1995. YG drives around in a drop-top while wearing a jheri-curl wig, raps in front of weirdly-patterned halogen lights, and throws gang signs with many, many friends and well-wishers. Also, two shirtless dudes fight each other. The editing is nearly as harsh and visceral as the song. Watch it below.

“Suu Whoop” is out now at iTunes, and we can only hope that there’s an album coming.

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