Half Waif Says Pinegrove’s New Album Skylight Is Still Coming Out, Band Is Already Working On The Next One

Late last year, shortly after sharing a new single, Pinegrove frontman Evan Stephens Hall responded to a private accusation of sexual coercion by issuing a lengthy public statement apologizing for his behavior with women, cancelling a planned tour, and putting the whole band on hiatus. Nandi Rose Plunkett left Pinegrove last August to focus on her own excellent Half Waif project, but in a new interview with Columbus Alive, she addresses the status of her former band, who were expected to put out a new album this year before the accusation against Hall came to light.

“There’s stuff in the works. There’s the album, Skylight, which is completely done and ready to be released. And they’re working on a new record now. So the band is not done. They’re just trying to find the best way to re-emerge in a way that feels respectful to everyone involved in the situation,” Plunkett says. “But I absolutely see myself continuing to be a collaborator as far as recording. Singing with Evan was how I got brought into the band, and eventually … how this project got started. I will always jump at the opportunity to sing with him and play with musicians who have now become my family.”

Plunkett’s own new album, Half Waif’s Lavender, is out 4/27 via Cascine.