Death Grips Announce New Album Year Of The Snitch

Quasi-industrial experimental bellowers Death Grips like to work in shadow and emerge whenever they feel like it; they’re not exactly the type of group who offers up extended album rollouts. So it’s just slightly out of character for them to announce a new album before it arrives. And yet that’s what they’ve done with their new LP, which is apparently called Year Of The Snitch.

It’s been almost two years since Death Grips dropped Bottomless Pit, their last album, though they did share the 22-minute track “Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix)” last year. Since then, we’ve learned that they’ve been spending time in the studio with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and with, more curiously, Shrek director Andrew Adamson.

And now, as this Reddit thread has helpfully pointed out, Death Grips have posted word of Year Of The Snitch on their website, giving no information between that title and “new album coming soon…” On Twitter, meanwhile, the duo offer up this:

Knowing Death Grips, this new album could be months away, or it could show up suddenly in the next 15 minutes. Either way, we’ve got a whole lot of shouting coming in our immediate future. Stay on your toes out there.

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