Hop Along – “Prior Things”

Philly indie rockers Hop Along, who rule, are getting ready to return with their excellently titled Bark Your Head Off, Dog, the follow-up to 2015’s beloved Painted Shut. The album is coming next month, and we’ve already posted the early tracks “How Simple” and “Not Abel.” And now they’ve shared a third song called “Prior Things.” It’s really something.

“Prior Things” is the last song on Bark Your Head Off, Dog, and it lasts nearly six minutes — an eternity for a band that comes, more or less, from a DIY punk rock tradition. The entire track is built on a busy, sunny string figure. And rather than building to some cathartic conclusion, the way most long and string-soaked rock songs do, it stays sharp and sprightly throughout as frontwoman Frances Quinlan interrogates her own insecurities.

Hop Along produced Bark Your Head Off, Dog themselves, and “Prior Things” feels like some kind of leap for this band. They’ve always been able to do some amazing things, but this song is intricate and layered and confident. It’s a flex. Listen to it below.

Bark Your Head Off, Dog is out 4/6 on Saddle Creek. Read our interview with the band here.

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