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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Look. You should know something. You are going to scroll down to the bottom of this list and see that a Panic! At The Disco video is at #1. For that, I am sorry. But then, you are going to (hopefully) click play on the video, and you are going to see that I am not, in fact, sorry. You are going to see that I have done you a great favor. This week’s list is below.

5. A Tribe Called Quest – “The Space Program” (Dir. Warren Fu)

The spaced-out sci-fi theme is fun, and so is the parade of celebrity cameos. But what makes this video are the shockingly moving little touches — the glowing orb with Phife Dawg’s voice, the way “Can I Kick It?” plays over the end credits. It’s a fond, warm goodbye. (The complete video is an Apple Music exclusive; you can watch it here or watch a trailer below.)

4. Post Malone – “Psycho” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) (Dir. James DeFina)

I know you. I know you are determined to hate Post Malone. And I get it. But here, we have a post-apocalyptic video wherein Post Malone uses a flamethrower to fight werewolves. So how mad can you really be?

3. Mike Will Made-It, Rae Sremmurd, & Big Sean – “Aries (Yugo) Part 2″ (Feat. Pharrell & Quavo) (Dir. Ben Newman)

There are too many rap stars on this song, and yet they all play second fiddle to the acid-fried image of stars exploding in the sky. That’s beautiful.

2. 2 Chainz – “Proud” (Feat. YG & Offset) (Dir. 2 Chainz & Howard Ross)

I don’t know what I was expecting with this video, but I was definitely not expecting it to be adorably heartwarming. And yet here we have the sight of three rap stars’ mothers dressed up like their sons and lip-syncing their sons’ lyrics. YG’s mom comes off as a very, very fun hang.

1. Panic! At The Disco – “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” (Dir. Daniel “Cloud” Campos & Spencer Susser)

Panic! At The Disco have now given us the gore-soaked drama-nerd version of John Wick, and I will never make fun of them again.