Boys – “That Weekend”

Boys is the recording project of Nora Karlsson, a 22-year-old from Stockholm who also contributes to Stereogum comment section favorites HOLY. Back in 2016 we brought you her surging, shimmering psych-rocker “Happy Hour,” and today we’re back with a selection from her full-length debut Rest In Peace — an album produced, not coincidentally, by HOLY’s Hannes Ferm.

As Karlsson tells it, “That Weekend” is about failing to hold up your end of a friendship. Slowly ambling dream-pop sets the stage for lines like “I fucked it up once or twice, or really a million times/ I can’t see how you still believe in me.” Karlsson delivers her lyrics with a resigned sadness, resulting in a grownup lullaby that might stir up some feelings about your own relational faltering.

Here’s Karlsson with more:

I recorded the demo for this in our rehearsal space in a few hours and it was the first song I had written in a long time that I felt something for right away. When we recorded it in the studio we tried to keep as much tracks that we could from the demo as we thought the feeling of it was very important. The song is about a specific friendship and how I’ve been struggling to be a good friend to that person. It’s also about realizing that nothing will ever be as it used to be, how much you try, time goes on and people change and that’s just how it is.

Heavy! Listen below along with previous single “End Of Time.”

01 “It Is Silly”
02 “Hemtjänsten”
03 “Rabbits”
04 “End of Time”
05 “Love Isn’t On My Mind”
06 “That Weekend”
07 “What If You Would Die?”
08 “My Baby”

Rest In Peace is out 5/11 on PNKSLM. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Anna Rauhala
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