Daniel Rossen – “Deerslayer”

Grizzly Bear may have started out as Ed Droste’s solo project, but many of the best moments in the band’s catalog are the moments where Daniel Rossen just goes nuts — moments like “Sleeping Ute,” “While You Wait For The Others,” and “On A Neck, On A Spit,” to name a few. His 2012 solo EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile was another convincing entry in the “Daniel Rossen is awesome” category, so the news that he has a new 12″ single coming out on 4/21 as a Record Store Day exclusive came as a very welcome surprise.

The B-side is his cover of Golden Suits’ “You’re Crossing A River,” and now we’re getting to hear the A-side, “Deerslayer,” which starts out as a melodic piano meditation before blossoming into some heavy psychedelia. This is what Rossen has to say about it:

“Deerslayer” started as an imaginary dialogue with the hunters I constantly heard roaming around outside my place in upstate, NY. They were always heard but never seen, and a constant reminder that I didn’t really belong there. Stylistically this song doesn’t really fit with the rest of the material I am working with now, but it still feels true to the experience I had. So I’d like it to exist in the world, and record store day seems like a great opportunity to give it a special physical release.

You hear that? He’s working on more material now! Get excited for that and get excited for “Deerslayer” (Deerhunter who?) below.

“Deerslayer” b/w “You’re Crossing A River” is out 4/21 via Warp as an exclusive Record Store Day 12″.