Miya Folick – “Deadbody” Video

Miya Folick is a masterful songwriter and a hell of a singer. That much is clear if you’ve heard “Deadbody,” her new single, which we wholeheartedly endorse. From the very first line — “It’s my sunny disposition that you liked,” sung with droll annoyance and a flicker of rage — it’s clear she’s onto something special. What she does with empty space and white noise in the verses is wondrous. The chorus even more so: Folick howls “Over my dead body!” to the rafters over a subtly intense two-chord vamp, letting her spellbinding fury do the heavy lifting. It’s sick.

Folick is also proving herself to be one of our great music video artists. Did you see her ride the rollercoaster in the clip for “Give It To Me,” another song on which she reveals herself to be a vocal powerhouse? You really should. But as long as you’re here you might as well check the “Deadbody” video first.

On Twitter, Folick writes, “We wanted to make something quiet that felt loud.” This video definitely lives up. Directed by Ariel Fisher, it finds Folick seated at a dinner table with the actor Richard Halverson. While Halverson eats a pot pie, Folick sits there slicing up apples, looking exasperated. Occasionally she takes a bite and gets some juice on her shirt. She casts a few glances at Halverson, who barely acknowledges her. You keep waiting for something to happen with the knife. Will something happen? Watch and find out!