Jack White, Grace Jones, & Tinashe Feat. Offset Were All On Fallon Last Night And We’re Choosing Not To Do 3 Posts About It

Look: Jimmy Fallon gets corny. We all know this. Nobody would argue. If you can make it through an entire episode of The Tonight Show, you are a person with an iron sense of will and self-assurance. (Or maybe you’re also a cornball.) But it’s also entirely possible that no late-night host in history has ever cared as much about music.

Fallon hired the Roots as his house band. He’s spent years booking up-and-coming artists and doing comedy bits with legends. And last night, his entire show was dedicated to musicians. They didn’t all perform, but they were all there. And we’re not going to clog up the feed with all three of them, but they’re all right here, in this post.

The show’s main guest was an extremely pallid Jack White, there to promote his new album Boarding House Reach and already in the building because the’s the musical guest on tomorrow night’s Saturday Night Live. Fallon and White seemed to genuinely enjoy talking to each other. Both were altar boys, so they talk about that. White enthuses about his current touring band. And he also mentions that he can’t listen to Boarding House Reach anymore. Me either, buddy!

Grace Jones, the mutant-disco pioneer, was there to promote Bloodlight and Bami, the new documentary about her fascinating life. She spoke about moving from Jamaica to Syracuse, New York as a kid, and she also told a great story about how Chic’s “Le Freak” was originally titled “Fuck Off,” and how Nile Rodgers wrote it because he was mad at not getting into Studio 54. If you watch any of the guests, it should probably be her.

And then there was the actual musical guest, which was actually two musical guests. Today, Tinashe finally releases her long-delayed album Joyride. On the show, she performed a highly choreographed rendition of her single “No Drama,” and Migos rapper Offset, the song’s guest, showed up to do his verse. You can watch all this happen below.

Boarding House Reach, Bloodlight And Bami, and Joyride are all out now in one form or another.