Bradford Cox Talks New Deerhunter Album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? Produced By Cate Le Bon

Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox is doing a performance with Welsh musician Cate Le Bon at this weekend’s Marfa Myths festival, which will result in an EP documenting their collaboration. But that’s not all they’re recording together while in Texas.

In a new Vogue interview today, Cox says his interactions with Le Bon (who also plays with White Fence’s Tim Presley as DRINKS) made him rethink the recording process for Deerhunter’s next album, which will be called Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? — so much so that he’s asked her to produce it.

“The rest of the band will arrive on Sunday, and Cate is going to produce the next Deerhunter record here, which will be very informed by the environment,” Cox tells Vogue. He adds that Marfa, the West Texas desert town, is the ideal place for such a project: “I think it’s a title that is definitely at home right here. There is a feeling of disappearance here… The desert just has a lot of disappeared things in it. It’s where things have disappeared to.”

Deerhunter’s last album was 2015’s Fading Frontier. They’re debuting new songs and a new lineup in New York and Europe a few weeks from now. And it sounds like Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? could be out before the end of the year. Get stoked.