Panic! At The Disco Are Sending Potatoes To Their Fans

Panic! At The Disco are releasing a new album, Pray For The Wicked, in a couple months. In the music video for its lead single, “Say Amen (Saturday Night),” Brendon Urie fights off a team of home invaders in creatively gory ways, and one of those ways involves someone stabbing a knife through a potato, which Urie then stabs into the invader’s face. (It’s a fun video — we named it the best video of the week back when it came out.)

Naturally, the band has started sending out potatoes to their fans, as Alt Press points out. Some of them feature a cut-out of Urie, others have the group’s logo on them, and others still have song titles and lyrics. They’re being sent using, an real site where you can send gift potatoes to anyone you want. (Mother’s Day is coming up? Could be fun!)

They’re not the first band to send potatoes out as a way to promote their upcoming album. Last year, the West Virginia band Rozwell Kid also sent out spuds to select music critics as a way to deliver their most recent album, Precious Art. Some of the Stereogum staff got them.

We’ve reached out to P!ATD’s representatives via potato and will update when we hear back.