Yodel Boy Drops Yodel-Free Debut Single

Things have gone quickly for Mason Ramsey, the yodeling kid from YouTube. A few short weeks ago, a viral of the 11-year-old kid went viral. Ramsey, a native of a small Illinois town called Golconda, was filmed in a Wal-Mart aisle, singing the Hank Williams oldie “Lovesick Blues” and, yes, yodeling. He went on Ellen. He played a concert in his Wal-Mart parking lot that was streamed live on Facebook. He performed at Coachella and the Grand Ole Opry in the same weekend. He met Justin Bieber! And now he’s signed with a major label and released his debut single.

Ramsey has signed with Atlantic and Big Loud, and he’s released the new single “Famous,” which at least attempts to comment, in its Nashville assembly-line way, on Ramsey’s viral fame. But it does it really badly! The song is pretty much standard, undistinguished pop-country about how if Ramsey is famous, he wants to be famous for loving you! He’s 11! Don’t make this kid sing love songs!

More to the point, Ramsey’s old-timey country vocal affectations — which have previously seemed like a great stupid human trick, like if he could ride a unicycle or something — are totally gone from “Famous.” He just sings it like a 2018 country singer, and he does not have the voice to sing like a 2018 country singer. This kid is a great singer! Let him sing like he’s supposed to sing! Here’s the song:

“Famous” is out now. And tonight, Ramsey will return to the Empire Polo Grounds to perform with Stagecoach Festival headliners Florida Georgia Line.

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