Now, Now – “MJ”

In just a couple weeks, Minneapolis duo Now, Now are releasing their third album (and first in six years), Saved. We’ve heard “SGL,” “Yours,” and “AZ” from it, and today we’re getting a fourth single, “MJ.” As you might have guessed, it’s a reference to Michael Jackson, and there’s an intense giddiness in the way that KC Dalager uses MJ titles in the chorus, all as a means to process a failing relationship where the pop star was a touchstone for both parties. “I know I’m not the only one who listens to ya/ Billie Jean, baby, please, he’s a criminal/,” she sings. “Maybe if I was young and unpredictable/ He’s got her heart, and I want it all.” The song itself is one of the danciest that Now, Now have done yet, a driving strobe-lite beat and a chorus of chirping voices.

“This song was written from the perspective of me speaking to Michael Jackson about a deteriorating relationship. He’s my childhood idol and someone I looked up to that has influenced my life,” Dalager explained in an interview with DIY. “I felt he was someone that was a connecting point between me and someone else, only to realize that was used as a connecting point between that person and another person. So this song is me venting to Michael about that situation.”

Listen below.

Saved is out 5/18 via Trans Records.

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